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Law Firm specializing in Commercial LawEverything you need before the Commercial Courts of Palma de Mallorca

Commercial law

Regulations and laws that affect companies and entrepreneurs

Commercial Law is a specialized branch of Law that covers many areas and deals with the rules that affect companies and employers and regulates, among other aspects, the way companies are organized and their relationships with other companies, their partners and administrators and with individuals.

Having specialized advice in Commercial Law makes the difference between undertaking and developing a business with maximum guarantees or taking unnecessary risks for your company: good legal advice is essential in order to avoid disputes in the future. Having a professional who knows how the Commercial Courts operate will guarantee maximum efficiency and quality in the service.

There are many stages between the time an entrepreneur comes up with a business idea until it comes to fruition: business design, feasibility study, analysis of the company needs, design of the structure business, agreements between future partners, decisions on the structure and organization of the company, legal procedures necessary to set up and develop the business... And, both for these initial phases and for the challenges and unforeseen issues that arise over time in an established business, at Capllonch Advocats we offer a wide range of services to meet your company’s needs.

In addition, our specialization in Commercial Law allows us to advise non-business individuals with specific needs that must be resolved from the field of Commercial Law. Such as, for example, claims against banks for abusive clauses in mortgages, review of deeds, refinancing debts or benefit from the “Second Chance Act”.

Good advice is fundamental when it comes to avoiding future disputes

Incorporation and liquidation of companies

We help you write the Articles of Association of your new company, request the corporate name, coordinate the signing thereof with the Notary, review the status of your Company, finalize its activity and dissolve the company, liquidate it, etc.

Capital increases and reductions

We advise you on how to restructure your company's capital in the most beneficial way, reviewing the statutory agreements, drafting the Council agreements and the reports that are necessary for certain capital operations, among others.

Purchase of stocks/shares

We negotiate the best conditions in the sale or purchase of a company's stocks or shares for you, we review the Articles of Association to limit the entry of undesired partners, we write the clauses of the purchase-sale contracts...

Agreements between partners

It is important to establish agreements between partners that guarantee the smooth operation thereof in the Company’s Articles of Association. We help you negotiate them, write them and find the most appropriate way to manage them. We also help you to draft and manage those reserved agreements that do not appear in the Articles of Association, and the General Meeting agreements that must be held periodically.

Corporate restructuring

An endless list of situations can lead to liquidity or cash problems in companies: we help you find the solution through debt refinancing, capital injections, merger agreements, sales of parts of the company (productive units), divisions of the Company, creation of company groups, etc.

Responsibility of administrators, auditors and managers

The special regime of responsibilities of management positions requires advice to detect and prevent possible contingencies, as well as the resolution of problems and disputes already initiated due to derivations of debts from public bodies to the administrator, claims filed by partners against the directors, etc.

Insolvency proceedings and “Second Chance Act”

In cases in which the company or the individual becomes insolvent (inability to pay their debts on a regular basis), we can help you find a solution to this situation, through any of the mechanisms provide for in the Bankruptcy Law, both for companies and individuals.

Other services

At Capllonch Advocats we offer many more services, such as all types of contract negotiation and drafting, legal audits of companies, investment analysis, claims of abusive clauses and floor clauses... Contact us and request information with no obligation, and if we cannot meet your needs, we will help you find the best professional for you.

For more information on our Commercial Law services and adviceContact Capllonch Advocats

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